Friday, May 14, 2010

Are you aloud to hunt rabbits,squirrels,birds,ect. in a residential area.?

i live in a neighborhood and my friends are hunting rabbits,squirrels,birds,ect in peoples backyards with bee-bee guns.(air gun)

1st off- is it legal?

2nd- do bee-bee guns acutely penetrate skin?

3rd- do you have to have a license to kill any animal?

4th-are you even aloud to kill animals on non-hunting grounds?

5th-what are your thoughts on it?

btw-my friends are stupid like that.



Are you aloud to hunt rabbits,squirrels,birds,ect. in a residential area.?
1) probably not, there are licenses and such. Hunting and trapping in residential areas is not good.

2) BB guns CAN penetrate skin, otherwise your friends wouldn't use them. Did you mean human skin? Yes.

3) It depends on the DNR, but I think you need one for certain animals- but not others.

4) allowed? Perhaps- private land, for example, and it depends on the county/city/town laws.

5) kill 'em, but you better have a reason other than because you ';could'; such as for food or to keep varmints down.Are you aloud to hunt rabbits,squirrels,birds,ect. in a residential area.?
In most cities it is illegal to discharge a firearm - I think a bb gun counts as a firearm. Yes, bb guns can penetrate the skin. No, you do not have to have a license to kill most animals, but you do need a hunting license in most areas. Yes, you can kill animals on non-hunting grounds. My brothers used to kill small animals - I thought it was gross then, I guess I still think it is gross.
1. Depends on your local laws. In Raleigh, NC there was a story about a guy shooting squirrels in his back yard with rat shot. It was legal.

2. Maybe. Depends on how powerful the gun is and how close the target was. They definitely can.

3. Depends on state and local laws. For vermin generally no.

4. Yes, especially if you own the property.

5. I agree your friends are stupid.
It is not legal to shoot in those areas.

You would need a license if it was for the rabbits and squirrels.

Song birds are protected and illegal to shoot any time any where.

Doing any these things are likely to get them arrested and fined and also get them some very unhappy parents!!!!
The law probably restricts the use of BB guns / Firearms etc.

in the city limits.

There may be hunting seasons for Squirrels %26amp; Birds

in some areas.

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