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Whats a good caliber for hunting rabbits and squirrel, but also predators in MI? (not looking for a grenade!)?

also whats a good ammo for these little guys (got a budget) and some long and short shooting tips please.PS do you eat other varmints because i know you dont eat yotes (coyotes)Whats a good caliber for hunting rabbits and squirrel, but also predators in MI? (not looking for a grenade!)?
The 22LR will be a fine cartridge for rabbits and squirrels and even foxes, but not so great at coyote, which is too bad, because a 22LR rifle will cost a quarter what a centerfire rifle will, and ammo will be ten times cheaper. So I suggest you get a 22LR anyways, even if it is a $100 used one at the local gun store. You asked for a shooting tip? PRACTICE, and that is another area where the 22LR shines. Ammo is cheap, so you can shoot a lot. It barely kicks at all, so you can shoot without fear and for a long time.

Okay, moving up, there is a 22 magnum rimfire and a 17 HMR which is the same thing just with a slightly smaller bullet put on it. If the range is relatively close, they would be okay for coyote, but generally yotes are damn warry animals and close shots can be tricky. But mainly it depends where you are hunting. The rifles only cost a bit more than a good 22LR, and the ammo is more expensive, but not drastically so.

the next step up would be the 22 hornet. That is a genuine centerfire, albeit one with a real soft kick. It is a wonderful round. Just enough power, but not too much, a real pleasure to shoot. Problem is, the guns that fire it are as expensive as if you were getting a 30-06 deer rifle, and while the ammo isn't quite as expensive as a 30-06, it's in the same ballpark, a LOT more expensive than the 22LR would be.

Finally, there is the 223. Someone mentioned the .222, and that is the predicessor of the 223. 223 is the same thing, just the case is a tad bit bigger. And here's the other thing, .223 is basically 5.56NATO like our troops use in M-16s, this has made the round IMMENSLY popular, and hence it is actually a bit less expensive than the 222, and you will have no problem finding the stuff on store shelves. The 222 is pretty hard to find now. Only a handful of gunmakers even still make brand new 222 rifles, but everyone makes 223 rifles.

Note, even though the 223 is basically what is used in the M-16, it is still a real soft kicker. It shoots flat and long, but it isn't all that powerful. In many places, it is illegal to hunt deer with the .223 because it just doesn't have enough power to kill one cleanly all the time...unless you take head/neck shots.

In conclusion, I suggest no matter what, you get yourself a 22LR rifle, even a used one, to practice with and to hunt rabbits and squirrels. Get yourself a .223 for coyote and other long distance shooting.Whats a good caliber for hunting rabbits and squirrel, but also predators in MI? (not looking for a grenade!)?
akluis is correct. What want is something you can't have: a gun that is good for taking animals that weigh a pound and that's suitable for a 40 pound critter.

There is no magic missile that will work on squirrels, rabbits and coyotes. You need 2 guns. A .22 and a .223 or a .243 make sense.

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A .22LR or .22mag. A .223 might be a little big for squirrels and rabbits, but would get rid of your coyotes. The average then would be a .222. It is basically a .22 with more powder. Small enough for squirrel and rabbit, with enought punch to kill a coyote with a shot to the head or heart. A shotgun (20, 16, or 12 ga) will also do the trick, but use steel shot on rabbits and squirrels to prevent contamination of the meat with lead (yes you can eat them) and either steel or lead on coyotes. You might want to use larger shot on the coyotes.

Tips: Slowly squeeze the trigger, don't pull it, as this will cause you to pull the rifle and miss. Don't put your eye on the scope, you'll hurt yourself. Practice makes perfect. Take only clean shots that you know will kill.

Good luck!
a .243 is kind of heavy on rabbits and squirrels but perfect for coyotes yo may want to consider a .22 LR thats more for what your gonna need. It is against the law to not eat game meat (other than coyotes and fox ect) there is no point in hunting saying...';nice shot'; and then leaving the animal to rot. If you are going to take somethings life be prepared for the work involved to insure it was put to the best use.
i would say a 22 lr to around 50 metres with some good high velocity ammo, also shotguns are great but there ammo is alot more expensive, for 500 rounds of 22 ammo i usually pay about $30 but for shotgun cartridges its about $9 for 25. I've got both!!
.22 mag or a .22 center fire. I popped a prairie dog early this year and only found two small pieces of fur.
I use a .17 hmr for rabbits and squirrels but its a bit small for yotes. but I hear those ruger .204's are Pretty nice.

A 22 LR or a .410 shotgun.

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