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I'm taking a friend squirrel hunting for the first time?

any tips to make sure we see some squirrels?I'm taking a friend squirrel hunting for the first time?
Everyone knows the basics; find a nice wooded area with some nut trees. Now how you go about shooting them is another story! Lots of guys prefer to still hunt for them (it's less boring). Basically, just walk really quietly and really slowly through the area that you suspect holds some ol' bushy tails.

Now me on the other hand, I prefer to sit. Pick out a tree that is wider than you, and sit at the base of it. If it's wider than you, it will break up your movements. Just sit, and wait. After about 10 minutes or so, any squirrels in the area that heard you walking through will begin to come down from their hidden spots in the tree. Basically when I go, I sit in a spot for 1 hour at a whack. If I don't see anything, I get up, move, and sit another hour. The first crack of dawn and the last hour of daylight are the best times to go, but the hours in the middle still offer plenty of action. So if you know your friend well enough, and he's patient, then sit at a few spots and try that way. You're more likely to see some action that way. If he's not, then just walk carefully through the woods and get some fresh air. Maybe, just maybe, you'll get a glimpse of an ol' bushy tail! Good luck, and be safe! Squirrel hunting is a great way to start hunting; lots of action, %26amp; bigger bag limits!I'm taking a friend squirrel hunting for the first time?
Actually, if you take away the stupid lazer(SP) sight and silencer garbage, Andrew has a good idea. An air rifle is a good tool for hunting squirrel. I'm not talking about a toy grade air rifle but something mid-range, say, $75-125, around 1000fps.

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Air rifles have the advantage of being quiet, so you can pick off all the squirrels in a tree without them taking off for the next county like they'll when you touch off a firearm. A bow and arrow with blunt points is good also. Even a slingshot with half inch steel balls will work.

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As for seeing squirrels, look for trees that have nuts. Look on the ground. If you see nut shells there may be squirrels in the tree.

Another way that's a bit unsporting is to try to find land adjacent to a park where people feed squirrels and they're not afraid of humans.

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You should be able to limit out in such a situation if you're using a quiet method.

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I grew up squirrel hunting. My Dad used a .22 rifle and so do I. If you've never done this before, here are my suggestions:

1) buy/borrow a .22 rifle and put at least a box of 50 rounds through it by shooting targets. If you can group shots well, you're good to go. You'll be aiming for the squirrels head so that's why you need to be sighted in. (you can certainly use a shotgun but a .22 is the best tool for the job).

2) find a woods with nut trees - beech, oak, hickory, butternut, etc. Don't forget to get permission!

3) use as much camo as your state's laws allow. If hunter orange is required, use a cap. It is 100 square inches which is legal in Michigan and probably your state too. Check though.

4) move through the woods slowly. Walk, look, listen. Repeat. You will be able to spot squirrel movement in the trees this way.

5) Be sure to try squirrel hunting when it's sprinkling/lightly raining someday. You will be amazed at how much squirrels are active during rainy days. Totally awesome.

You really don't need any calls for squirrels. I don't like them because they give your position away. Good luck, have fun and just once, try hunting them in the rain.
All the times I have shot a squirrel has been about 1 hour or so before sunset. Have a few places that you think the squirrels will be and head there (around live oaks (if they grow where you live), maples, sugargum trees, scrub oaks, pecan trees, etc) . Tree rats are smart lil cusses- I've shot one back around and old oak tree and it was a week after that that I finally saw another in the same place.

But, remind your friend, hunting isn't about getting something every day that you go out.

If I don't shoot anything or even seen anything, I still have a great time.

A flashlight for hunting squirrels? Oh my gosh.. that's pathetic. Only time you'll need one is if your skining and gutting the squirrels and its dark outside, so please don't listen to Andrew.

And don't throw corn down- its called baiting and in most states, its illegal to bait any game animal. And if Stephen T has been hunting as long as they say they have, they should know full well that baiting is illegal, even with tree rats.
Get your selves a pocket full of pebbles - sit quietly - back to back some where in the woods - good if your near a hedge row - sit quietly and once in a while toss out a pebble while looking up at the canape of the woods - might spot a squirrel shift his position and give you a shot - I have fired right through small limbs to shoot the squirrel.
You may want to ignore Andrew... he's a real piece of work. He asks questions like:

1. Is it illegal to name a dog after a movie?;鈥?/a>

2. Will a dog keep a promise?;鈥?/a>
I recommend a squirrel call. A shot gun with bird shot or a 22 lr or a high quality pellet gun that is made for hunting. other than that go out in the early morning like others have said | | good luck hope you have a good hunting trip.

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head out earlier in the morning at daybreak. thats before the big birds come out and be quiet on ur way out. in an area with alot of oaks and other nut trees like walnuts... ummm i recomend using a .22 lr or .22 short if u have a gun that can use them.
Lol, squirrel hunting? That is funny.

Um, for starters, you may want to look up some trees. Yeah, they usually hide in the bushy area at the top of the trees. And watch out because sometimes they'll just drop a nut on your head with out warning. Have fun!
if he is new tell him to be quiet and walk heel-toe. go out early when they are feeding and use eithier a shotgun or a .22 rifle. go out and get some squirrel meat
Throw some dry corn out a week before you go hunting.-At the place you are hunting at.
go out to wide open woods with lots of oak trees and if its a sunny day there will be tons of squirrels out
oh boy do i, first get an air rifle like the gamo whisper vh and some armor piercing pellets the rifle is about $330 but it has a silencer, scope, flashlight, and lazer sight all slandered and its powerful(1000-1200 fps) then think like a sniper and try your best to stay out of their sight or make as little movement as possible when you see them

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