Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When and where is the best time to hunt squirrel in southeast michigan?

i'm looking for somethin like, december 5th between 8 am and 10 am in jackson county, or somethin like that, i asked that kgb thing, the commercial that says they will answer anything, and they told me, a wooded area where its legal to hunt, lol, lol, that ws a waste of a buck, lolWhen and where is the best time to hunt squirrel in southeast michigan?
well first thing to say is that be carefull where ever you go and yes i agree bring a kid if possible its great to get kids out instead of sitting indoors playing games im only 15 and i love it out doors thanks to my dad and mom getting me invloved in hunting and fishing / snowmobile and fourwheeling... but make sure your not shooting towardas any houses and at least 250 to 500 yards away from any place with people if you can look for pines squirlles love pines because of all the branchs best thing to do is go out sit down wait look and listen for them then chase them down...When and where is the best time to hunt squirrel in southeast michigan?
First to the KGB answer, thats hilarious and what a rip. But they are right...kinda.

Usually a warm day will bring out squirrels, when i hunt(squirrels and large game) is they come out in droves at dawn, then again at around lunch and again a few hours later and again at dusk. But you will see them all day long if you are quiet and look hard.

There are squirrels almost everywhere here in Michigan, so it'll be harder to not find squirrels then to find them. I usually walk in, find some oak trees or something like that, and hang out for 20 minutes or so and if i don't see anything, i'll move again.

Go to the Michigan DNR website and get there map of state land. also, any private land that doesn't have a fence, signs, or is within 150 yards of a house is good to go as well.

#6 shot out of a 410 or 20 ga, or a 22 rim fire(short to wmr) will work great. And dont bundle up soo much, you'll sweat alot faster then you might think.

Good luck, and take a kid hunting with you if you can!
Get a pit bull. My pit bulls are amazing at flushing squirrels. I take one dog out at a time, on a 60-foot lead and he finds them. Just be careful not to shoot your dog.

Of course, a wooded area where it's safe and legal to hunt. DUH
Best time any where is after the leaves have fallen. they are easer to see.
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